Stargazing Live Australia

Stargazing Live Australia

Series 7



Dara O Briain and Brian Cox take a new angle on astronomy as their observations resume: they’re in Australia, where the patterns of the night sky are naturally different to the ones seen by British telescopes. Dawn will be imminent as we drop in at the end of an all-night survey of the Milky Way, the Southern Cross and other constellations best seen from the other side of the world – especially now, with the autumn rains having cleansed Oz’s atmosphere of summer dust, and especially from the Siding Spring Observatory in New South Wales, with its powerful lenses and ultra-dark skies.

Joining Dara and Brian on the remote mountain top are Liz Bonnin, who’s on a quest to catch a shooting star, and outback astronomer Greg Quicke. Meanwhile, your help is requested to find our solar system’s missing ninth planet.


New series. Professor Brian Cox and Dara O Briain travel to Australia to explore the night skies, with the programme joining them as they finish a long night under the stars and as dawn approaches. Brian and Dara are joined by Liz Bonnin on a remote mountain top in New South Wales, site of the world-famous Siding Spring Observatory, and will have Australian outback astronomer Greg Quicke as their guide to the southern sky, revealing some of the wonderful star tales told by indigenous people.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Dara O Briain
Presenter Brian Cox
Presenter Liz Bonnin
Executive Producer Helen Thomas
Series Producer Paul King