Gravity and Me: The Force That Shapes Our Lives

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Gravity and Me: The Force That Shapes Our Lives


BBC4 stalwart Jim Al-Khalili is back for this mind-bending documentary that might completely change the way you see gravity – if not the reality we live in.

Re-creating Galileo’s early experiments and investigating the cutting edge of gravitational science, Jim discovers that gravity has a far greater influence on our physical being than we realise, affecting our posture, height and even rate of ageing compared to other people.

It’s also not a consistent force, so with that in mind Jim sets out to discover where in Britain has the weakest gravity – and finds his own body making some surprising changes along the way.


Jim Al-Khalili investigates the amazing science of gravity, recreating groundbreaking experiments, including the moment when Galileo first worked out how to measure it. He investigates gravitational waves, finds out from astronauts what it's like to live without gravity, sets out to find where in Britain gravity is weakest and so where we weigh the least, and helps design a smartphone app that volunteers use to demonstrate how gravity affects time and makes us age at slightly different rates.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Jim Al-Khalili
Director Andrew Smith
Executive Producer Paul Sen