Yorkshire: A Year in the Wild: Winter

Yorkshire: A Year in the Wild: Winter

Series 2



Winter was slow to arrive in the Yorkshire Dales and Moors last year. But despite autumnal temperatures in November, the wildlife must still prepare for the freezing winds and blizzards they know will batter the parks when winter does come.

The grey seal pups suckle greedily before their mothers leave them for the next round of breeding, short-eared owls soar elegantly over fields desperately searching for voles, and Scandinavian goldeneye ducks posture comically in the hope of attracting a new mate. Eventually, heavy snow falls and many youngsters – including the pair of roe deer we’ve followed through the series – struggle to survive.


Despite its delayed arrival, for the grey seals at Ravenscar beach winter means it is time to give birth. The newborn pups are now on the fast track to adulthood, with just three weeks to gain as much weight as possible before their mothers move on. Cameras also follow the progress of many short-eared owls that land on the moors after the long flight over the North Sea from northern Europe.

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer Dick Colthurst
Series Producer Duncan Chard