The Replacement

The Replacement

Series 1 - Episode 3



You can see daylight through the plot holes in the last chapter of this silly thriller as rivals Ellen and Paula square up to one another in close-up after close-up.

Yes, there’s lots of meaningful staring, but the pair might as well be eyeing up a prize marrow as sending pulsating glances of hatred.

As their relationship disintegrates, Ellen (Morven Christie) must convince everyone in her life that she’s not paranoid and that Paula (Vicky McClure) really is out to get her. Meanwhile, Paula, who looks oddly like Mrs Danvers in the film of Rebecca, adopts various poses in some great-looking clothes.

Naturally the men behave like idiots and can’t see the madness in front of them.


After Paula confesses her secret, Ellen thinks she has the proof she needs, but the rest of the office turns against her and she is forced to leave for good. Matters take an even more traumatic turn for Ellen when Paula questions the paternity of her baby daughter and, after a catastrophic celebration at the new building, she faces a fight not only for her career, but for her family as well. Concluding part of the drama starring Morven Christie, Vicky McClure, Richard Rankin and Dougray Scott. Last in the series.

Cast & Crew

Ellen Morven Christie
Paula Vicky McClure
Ian Richard Rankin
David Dougray Scott
Kieran Navin Chowdhry
Beth Siobhan Redmond
Vernon Gilly Gilchrist
Rianne Sarah MacRae
Lucy Kim Allan
Georgia Sharon Young
DS Colin Lockheid Euan MacNaughton
Omar Taqui Nazeer
Panel member 1 Michael Daviot
Panel member 2 Shabana Bakhsh
Panel Member 3 Camille Marmie
Panel Member 4 Gregor Firth
Director Joe Ahearne
Editor Graham Walker
Producer Nicole Cauverien
Writer Joe Ahearne
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