Dogs Behaving Badly

Dogs Behaving Badly


When a dog misbehaves, it’s often the fault of the owner who is unwittingly rewarding the animal’s bad behaviour. They haven’t taught them about boundaries or consequences, nor do they praise their pets when they do something right (or stop doing something bad).

Following in the paw-prints of TV dog behaviourists such as Barbara Woodhouse and Cesar Millan, the “Dogfather” Graeme Hall zips about the country “fixing” dogs that are aggressive, destroying their homes or constantly running away. “It’s mostly about fixing the owner. Fix them first and then they can fix the dog,” he says. And it seems to take him less than an hour to do it.


Leading dog trainer Graeme Hall - AKA the Dogfather - invites viewers to gain an insight into his work. He believes no canine is a lost cause, claiming he is able to deal with `any dog, any age, any problem'. In this documentary, cameras follow Graeme as he meets a 71-kilo Great Dane from South Shields that intimidates everyone, a jealous poodle in Weymouth with a vendetta against his owner's boyfriend, and a labrador in Warrington that steals food fresh from the oven. Graeme reveals that, in many cases, solving underlying problems with the owners is half the battle in bringing dogs to heel, and here, he forces one couple to reassess their relationship, and prompts members of one family to think differently about their living situation.

Cast & Crew

Contributor Graeme Hall
Director Vickie Ager
Executive Producer Tom Quicke
Executive Producer Jamie Isaacs
Producer Vickie Ager