Series 3 - Episode 3



The shockwaves from Trish Winterman’s rape pulse through Broadchurch, where lives are woven together through long years of friendship and acquaintance. But suspicion casts a toxic cloud over those glowing bronze cliffs.

As the dogged Alec Hardy and Ellie Miller (David Tennant and Olivia Colman) interview men who were at the 50th-birthday party where Trish was attacked, the audience sees other sides to the suspects: the hurried meetings, the shifty glances, the obfuscation.

Trish (Julie Hesmondhalgh) hangs on to a secret, and is being menaced by someone we don’t see while her friends begin to doubt one another. It was Cath’s (Sarah Parish) party and she’s brittle with distrust of her own husband. Other male guests, including Trish’s employer, farm shop owner Ed (Lenny Henry), sound hollow and grudging.

It’s a great story with some punching surprises and moments of poignancy when you least expect them.


Hardy and Ellie appeal to Trish to be more open with them as she may have information that - although not related to the attack - could help the investigation, but she is unwilling to co-operate. The officers of Broadchurch CID are slowly making their way through the painstaking process of interviewing witnesses and collecting statements and start to uncover inconsistencies and lies - and previously hidden connections between Trish and some suspects. Crime drama, with David Tennant, Olivia Colman and Julie Hesmondhalgh.

Cast & Crew

DS Ellie Miller Olivia Colman
DI Alec Hardy David Tennant
Trish Winterman Julie Hesmondhalgh
Ian Winterman Charlie Higson
Beth Latimer Jodie Whittaker
Mark Latimer Andrew Buchan
Cath Atwood Sarah Parish
Jim Atwood Mark Bazeley
Ed Burnett Lenny Henry
DC Katie Harford Georgina Campbell
Rev Paul Coates Arthur Darvill
Chloe Latimer Charlotte Beaumont
Tom Miller Adam Wilson
David Barrett Roy Hudd
Leah Winterman Hannah Millward
Sarah Elsey Charlotte Lucas
Daniel Jasper Meehan
Charlie Aaron May
Michael Lucas Deon Lee-Williams
Fred Miller Benji Yapp
Arthur Tamworth Richard Hope
Chas the cook Charles Babalola
Lizzie Latimer Emily Allison
Ben Haywood William Andrews
Alex the muso Matthew Hopkinson
Clive Lucas Sebastian Armesto
Lindsay Lucas Becky Brunning
Leo Humphries Chris Mason
Director Paul Andrew Williams
Executive Producer Jane Featherstone
Executive Producer Chris Chibnall
Producer Dan Winch
Writer Chris Chibnall
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