The Good Karma Hospital

The Good Karma Hospital

Series 1 - Episode 6



The plotlines couldn’t be more clearly signposted if they were painted on the side of a passing elephant, so when junior doctor Ruby announces she wants to take off travelling, you know that’s never going to happen. Most of the other loose ends are tied up like a neat set of sutures too, including Maggie Smart’s story, which may, surprisingly, bring a tear to the eye.

But while what is essentially “Exotic Marigold Hospital” is about as sophisticated as one of Greg’s beach bar cocktails, it’s been engaging and audience figures have been good. Surely there will be a second series?


The monsoon season is beginning, and as the first rains start to fall, the tension between Lydia and Ruby is reaching boiling point - driving the younger doctor to make a shocking decision. Maggie's health begins to decline dramatically, and Debbie is adamant that the family must return to the UK. However, Maggie remains determined to remain in India for the time she has left, and struggles to persuade her daughter to honour her last wishes. Conclusion of the medical drama, starring Amrita Acharia and Amanda Redman. Last in the series.

Cast & Crew

Dr Ruby Walker Amrita Acharia
Dr Lydia Fonseca Amanda Redman
Greg McConnell Neil Morrissey
Dr Gabriel Varma James Floyd
Dr Ram Nair Darshan Jariwalla
AJ Nair Sagar Radia
Mari Rodriguez Nimmi Harasgama
Maggie Smart Phyllis Logan
Paul Smart Philip Jackson
Debbie Smart Leanne Best
Marcus Read Tom Canton
Mala Pradeep Achint Kaur
Josie Young Yasmin Paige
Padma Kholi Mandip Gill
Vijay Kholi Niklesh Samarasekara
Hitesh Sharad Wagh
Director Jon Wright
Executive Producer Will Gould
Executive Producer Frith Tiplady
Executive Producer Iona Vrolyk
Producer Stephen Smallwood
Writer Dan Sefton
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