Episode 7770



Pierce tries to drive Vanessa away from Rhona by arranging for her to come across his sex tape, while Jai feels like a fraud while being interviewed by a journalist over Holly's death, an experience that leaves him battling temptation to relapse. Laurel decides to tell gabby and Arthur about Ashley and Maggie, and David plays a prank on Tracy that leaves her more convinced than ever that she is destined for literary success.

Cast & Crew

Pierce Harris Jonathan Wrather
Vanessa Woodfield Michelle Hardwick
Jai Sharma Christopher Bisson
Journalist John Catterall
Rakesh Kotecha Pasha Bocarie
Laurel Thomas Charlotte Bellamy
Gabby Thomas Rosie Bentham
Arthur Thomas Alfie Clarke
Tracy Metcalfe Amy Walsh
David Metcalfe Matthew Wolfenden
Director Sasha Ransome
Executive Producer John Whiston
Series Producer Iain MacLeod
Writer Sam Doland de Vaux
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