The Great Pottery Throw Down

The Great Pottery Throw Down

Series 2 - Episode 6



The tears of judge Keith Brymer Jones are familiar to all The Great Pottery Throw Down watchers by now, but it’s a shock to see the hitherto dry-eyed Kate Malone get a bit weepy.

She’s very moved by a contestant’s signature make, a set of four Russian dolls. Though they aren’t Russian and they aren’t dolls, in fact no one makes Russian dolls, though they are allowed to adapt the principle of the pieces fitting snugly inside one another.

The designs must be “intricate and beautiful”, according to Malone, and some potters are more successful than others. A couple fall down by running out of time or forgetting/ignoring key parts of the brief, and as it’s the quarter-final, the pressure is keener than ever.

In the throw down challenge things get a bit Fifty Shades meets Ghost when the potters wear blindfolds to make big bowls.


The potters face the quarter-final and a main make in which they have to hand coil and decorate four Russian nesting dolls. It's arguably the trickiest test so far as not only must the four stack inside each other seamlessly, but the top and bottom of each one must also slot together using a flange and gallery connection. For the spot test, the amateurs carve a pattern onto the surface of a Greek urn using a centuries-old technique, and in the throw-down they have just 10 minutes to create the widest bowl they can while blindfolded.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Sara Cox
Judge Kate Malone
Judge Keith Brymer Jones
Executive Producer Sarah Thomson-Woolley
Series Producer Elliott Gerner