Brexit: Britain's Biggest Deal

Brexit: Britain's Biggest Deal


It’s easier for newspapers to make the Brexit saga accessible to the rest of us: they can be polemical one way or the other. But television coverage is obliged to be – or appear – even-handed. A BBC doc, in particular, has to show Solomon-like fairness to both sides of the argument (enough to blunt any journalistic edge) – though it will almost certainly end up slated by both sides for #bbcbias anyway.

Political editor Laura Kuenssberg is used to such constraints and here does her best to walk the tightrope as she surveys the issues facing Britain and Europe in the coming years. With Article 50 – the starting gun for Brexit negotiations – about to be triggered, Kuenssberg talks to leading players on both sides and maps out the political minefield Theresa’s May’s government needs to navigate – and why it matters to us all.


As the Government gears up for negotiations on leaving Europe, BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg investigates the likely impact of Brexit. Talking to key players on all sides, she asks whether it will prove a complex process that will consume Whitehall for years, or whether a quick and easy break will be easier than people think. She also maps out the key issues facing Britain and Europe in the years to come and finds out why it matters to everyone.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Laura Kuenssberg
Director Adam Grimley
Executive Producer Sam Bagnall
Producer Adam Grimley