How'd You Get So Rich?

How'd You Get So Rich?

Series 1 - Episode 1



If you enjoy the icy wit of Canadian comedian Katherine Ryan, you’ll like this series where she has fun “rooting around in rich people’s lives”. It helps that she doesn’t drop in on mega-rich lifestyles to radiate disapproval; she laps it up.

“Ah, wealth, my favourite scent,” she says as she visits the swaggy, 13-bedroom mansion of Steve and Tracy Smith, who made £50 million between them when they sold Poundland, and Ryan unearths nice details such as the fact that Steve spent hours personally painting the little bunches of grapes on one of the ceilings.

Then she tracks preening playboy Danny in his orange Lamborghini for a while, visits a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon – and charms every one of them.


Comedian Katherine Ryan meets the married couple who went from running a market stall to founding the retail chain Poundland, and then spends time with a playboy who started out in pop music then made his millions through hotels in central London. In America, she visits the richest cosmetic surgeon in the world, who has performed surgery on numerous stars.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Katherine Ryan
Executive Producer Danielle Lux
Executive Producer Murray Boland
Executive Producer Mobashir Dar
Series Producer Jodie Kristic
Series Producer Alex Kohler
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