Empty Orchestra

Series 3 - Episode 4 Empty Orchestra

Tue 30 Oct 11pm - 11:40pm GOLD


Empty Orchestra spies on six workmates partying in a karaoke booth — among them, Sarah Hadland dressed in St Trinian’s garb and pigtails, Tamzin Outhwaite hard to spot at first as a black-wigged señorita (also a conniving bully), and Reece Shearsmith particularly ridiculous in a sumo fat-suit. As they bawl out the hits of Human League and Whigfield, office politics and flings are exposed — often to cruelly apt lyrics on screen.

It’s not the darkest edition and, at first glance, may not seem the cleverest, especially after last week’s cryptic crosswords, but technically it was a pig to shoot — half an hour in such a confined space… much overlapping song and chatter to sync and splice together in the edit... As a counterpoint to the karaoke din, they’ve also cannily worked in the character of Janet, who is profoundly deaf. She’s played by Emily Howlett. Watch out for her: she’s the one dressed as Boy George and puts me in mind of a young Victoria Wood and the sympathetic women she used to bring to life.


Roger's promotion involves a full-on, old-school karaoke session, which leads to an evening of hopes, dreams, intrigue, romance, betrayal and an awful lot of singing. Comedy drama, starring Steve Pemberton, Reece Shearsmith, Javone Prince, Tamzin Outhwaite and Sarah Hadland.

Cast & Crew

Greg Reece Shearsmith
Connie Tamzin Outhwaite
Fran Sarah Hadland
Roger Steve Pemberton
Janet Emily Howlett
Duane Javone Prince
Chantel Rebekah Hinds
Director Guillem Morales
Producer Adam Tandy
Writer Steve Pemberton
Writer Reece Shearsmith
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