A Place to Call Home

All Good Things

Series 4 - Episode 12 All Good Things



Sarah is warned by Carolyn that Regina has escaped her intended incarceration in an asylum and to be on guard, but Sarah believes her to be long gone. Elizabeth is exasperated with Rose who refuses to divulge her mistresses whereabouts.

Cast & Crew

Sarah Adams Marta Dusseldorp
Elizabeth Bligh Noni Hazlehurst
George Bligh Brett Climo
Jack Duncan Craig Hall
James Bligh David Berry
Anna Bligh Abby Earl
Olivia Bligh Arianwen Parkes-Lockwood
Gino Poletti Aldo Mignone
Carolyn Bligh Sara Wiseman
Regina Standish Jenni Baird
Roy Briggs Frankie J Holden
Writer Bevan Lee
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