Call the Midwife

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Call the Midwife

Series 6 - Episode 6



The midwives confront the abomination of female genital mutilation when a young, heavily pregnant Somali woman goes into labour. Barbara and Valerie are appalled and baffled; “Do you mind me asking… have you had any surgery… down there…?”

But this is just one personal horror set against a wider terror as everyone holds their breath during the Cuban missile crisis.

That nice President Kennedy is on the radio delivering his ultimatum to Russian president Nikita Khrushchev, prompting civil defender Fred to urge the good people of east London to whitewash their windows in readiness for the atomic blast that is surely not too far away.

In an episode freighted with even more high emotion than usual, that poor lost and whey-faced soul Sister Mary Cynthia struggles to find her true self amid the hellish noise of the asylum and her cruel shock treatment.


While the world anxiously awaits the resolution of the Cuban Missile Crisis, Valerie treats a pregnant Somali woman who has undergone female genital circumcision. The Nonnatus Team arrange for her to go into hospital, but she responds by going into hiding, and the situation is complicated further when it emerges that the woman's younger sister will soon go through the same process. Sister Mary Cynthia's depression is treated with electroconvulsive therapy, which she hopes will restore her faith.

Cast & Crew

Sister Julienne Jenny Agutter
Nurse Phyllis Crane Linda Bassett
Sister Monica Joan Judy Parfitt
Nurse Trixie Franklin Helen George
Sister Mary Cynthia Bryony Hannah
Shelagh Turner Laura Main
Valerie Dyer Jennifer Kirby
Nurse Barbara Gilbert Charlotte Ritchie
Sister Winifred Victoria Yeates
Tom Hereward Jack Ashton
Dr Patrick Turner Stephen McGann
Fred Buckle Cliff Parisi
Sister Ramsey Jemma Churchill
Nadifa Ghedi Jama Yusra Warsama
Looyaan Farah Souleiman Bock
Timothy Turner Max Macmillan
Angela Turner Alice Brown
Deka Ghedi Jama Maryandhool Celsi
Mrs Archibald Jane Guernier
Nurse Leonard Jessica Regan
Christopher Dockerill Jack Hawkins
Nurse Delia Busby Kate Lamb
Mr Kenley Gerrard McArthur
Violet Buckle Annabelle Apsion
Nurse Barrington Jane Whittenshaw
Voice of mature Jennifer Worth Vanessa Redgrave
Director Lisa Clarke
Executive Producer Pippa Harris
Executive Producer Heidi Thomas
Producer Ann Tricklebank
Writer Louise Ironside
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