Series 1 - Episode 5



Now and then we get flashes of what this wan, disjointed series might have been. There’s a scene tonight at a country farm, as Dougie and friends stop for assistance, which turns properly tense and nasty with a real sense of jeopardy – almost as if this were a full-blooded thriller.

But rather like the cars Dougie uses to spirit the King away to the Dorset coast, the plot keeps sparking into life only to get a flat tyre a few minutes later, culminating in a long scene where two characters sit and explain it to each other over their 70th cigarette of the day.

There’s just time for one of the daftest lines of dialogue you’ll hear all year as Sylvia (the ill-used Maeve Dermody) points to a field and says to the King, “Look Sir – it’s England. Your land!”


Archer and Harry have to get the frail king out of London by ambulance and turn to Sylvia for help. While they are able to evade capture by collaborators, they realise too late that they have been led into a deadly trap. Barbara is interrogated by Kellermann, but is saved by an intervention from the US embassy - however, she still faces being deported from the UK. As US forces land in the UK, it emerges that the data for the atomic bomb is incomplete, while Kellermann takes steps to outmanoeuvre Huth. Last in the series.

Cast & Crew

Douglas Archer Sam Riley
Barbara Barga Kate Bosworth
Fritz Kellermann Rainer Bock
Sylvia Manning Maeve Dermody
Dr Oskar Huth Lars Eidinger
George Mayhew Jason Flemyng
Harry Woods James Cosmo
King George Jonathan Cullen
Sir John Shields Paul Bentall
Glott Michael Epp
Wolpert William Meredith
Margaret Alexia Traverse-Healy
David Michael Shaeffer
Burnham Luke Neal
Daniel Hapkiss Trevor White
Hausser Lucas Gregorowicz
Drunk captain Carsten Hayes
Blockwarden Jordan Long
Soldier at road block Michael Baral
SS lobby guard Michael Bodie
Resistance fighter Mark Carter
US radio operator James McNeill
Adapted By Robert Wade
Adapted By Neal Purvis
Director Philipp Kadelbach
Producer Patrick Schweitzer
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