How'd You Get So Rich?

How'd You Get So Rich?

Series 1 - Episode 3



The Bucket List family have to be the richest (and probably most photogenic) homeless people imaginable. Already multimillionaires, they travel the world for free in return for posting their enviably lovely lifestyle on social media.

Gary, who owns a string of London gay bars, clearly enjoys life, too. None of that working 24/7 for him, although his advice is: “Don’t aim at wealth, aim at enjoying what you do.”

There’s no need for Katherine Ryan’s mocking approach with these two, but she (cautiously) turns it up to the max for an ex-mafia boss turned motivational speaker in California. Worryingly, he tells her that one of his projects “will blow you away”.


Katherine Ryan meets a man who made his fortune running gay bars, an American couple who got rich designing an app and now travel the world for free and a former Mafia boss who these days earns his money as a preacher.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Katherine Ryan
Executive Producer Murray Boland
Executive Producer Danielle Lux
Executive Producer Mobashir Dar
Series Producer Alex Kohler
Series Producer Jodie Kristic
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