John Bishop: In Conversation with Lindsay Lohan

John Bishop: In Conversation with Lindsay Lohan

Series 2



Most TV chat shows have a handful of guests who get to plug their film/TV series/book and hopefully tell a funny anecdote or two. John Bishop’s show is different. It’s more like Piers Morgan’s Life Stories as there’s only one guest (in this first edition it’s Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan) so the conversations are more intimate and occasionally revealing.

There was only a brief preview clip available but Lohan seems to open up about her life and career, including a difficult relationship with her father, whom she describes as being a Jekyll and Hyde character. Future guests include singer Olly Murs, actress and writer Meera Syal and swimmer Ellie Simmonds.


The comedian interviews more high-profile guests, beginning with Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan, who speaks about spending her troubled adolescence in the limelight.

Cast & Crew

Presenter John Bishop
Guest Lindsay Lohan