Alan Cumming's Edge of Scotland

Alan Cumming's Edge of Scotland


Twenty years ago, Alan Cumming moved to Manhattan to take up a role in Cabaret on Broadway. He remembers the clarity he got from being an “outsider” in the city, and this feeling comes back to him as he considers life for the inhabitants of the Outer Hebrides. He’s on a journey of discovery with his dog Lala, flying in to the beach runway of Barra in glorious sunshine, and slowly heading north by road and sea to Stornoway, scene of a little-remembered naval tragedy from 1918.

It’s a gift of a programme for tourists: who could resist those endless white sand beaches so lovingly photographed from above, those imposing castles in the sea, those mysterious standing stones? But Cumming also talks to the locals, and even tries out for a local football team on Eriskay in more typically dreich conditions. “At least it keeps the midges away,” is one stalwart’s gloss on the rain…


The actor fulfils a lifelong dream to explore the rugged beauty of the Outer Hebrides and meet the people who live there. Alan travels from Barra to Stornoway on a stunning island odyssey, where he sees white sandy beaches, ancient wonders and a world famous football pitch.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Alan Cumming
Director Alison Pinkney
Producer Alison Pinkney