The Supervet

Series 8 - Episode 1



Ever tried giving a dachshund physiotherapy? There’s a late snag in one of the easier cases for Noel Fitzpatrick as he returns for a new series, when Rollo doesn’t fancy the post-op exercises that will help his newly strengthened back legs. His owners soon find the solution: leaving the living room for an organised ramble with scores of other local dachsies. Rodney the West Highland terrier looks to have a decent chance of a new life, too. He moves energetically even on painful stumps, so surely he’ll take to prosthetics.

The animal whose future is in the balance is collie/husky cross Nell. Her pelvis is shattered and Prof Fitzpatrick might not be able to fit a new joint around all the scar tissue – however much 71-year-old owner Bill desperately wants his best friend to be OK.


Professor Noel Fitzpatrick and his team's first patient is a West Highland terrier puppy that has a problem with its paws. Two new bionic feet later, and the poorly dog has a new lease of life. A young husky collie is also brought in after being hit by a car, only for the hip replacement operation to run into trouble, and a lazy dachshund requires double surgery and lots of physiotherapy.

Cast & Crew

Director Jamie Hammick
Director Jon Turner
Director Jon Hanney
Executive Producer Alex Sutherland
Producer Jamie Hammick
Producer Jon Turner
Producer Jon Hanney
Series Director Sophie Waldron
Series Producer Sophie Waldron
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