Valentine's Day

Series 3 - Episode 11 Valentine's Day



Lauren is completely loved-up and ignoring Millie. Missing her sister's attention, Millie pretends she's had a valentine from her new boyfriend. However, now Millie has to keep up the pretence, which turns out not to be as easy as she thought. Eventually she's cornered, and forced to invite the made-up `Grant' round to tea the next day. Naturally, the entire family wants to meet this wonderful-sounding boy. Craig impresses Fran when he sticks up for Jake - and soon she's got hearts in her eyes too, to Millie and Lauren's horror. Do they need to stage an intervention - or will Craig put her off without their help?

Cast & Crew

Millie Millie Innes
Mum Hannah-Jane Fox
Lauren Tallulah Greive
Craig Theo Stevenson