Andrew Marr: My Brain and Me

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Andrew Marr: My Brain and Me


Journalist and broadcaster Andrew Marr is clearly frustrated trying to do nursery-school puzzles to get his largely useless left arm working again. “I don’t want to do much of this on camera, I’ve had enough….I said no.”

He sounds grumpy, but he isn’t, he’s fizzing with energy he can’t use. In 2013 Marr had a catastrophic stroke that nearly killed him; “I never thought I was going to die, but other people did.” He underwent gruelling therapy to restore his speech and movement to his left side.

Here film-maker Liz Allen follows Marr as he meets other stroke survivors and undergoes revolutionary treatment in the US. Marr looks too at the brain’s remarkable resilience, even after such trauma, and its ability to knit itself together again.

Throughout Marr is focused, optimistic and refuses to feel sorry for himself ; “There is no human crime like self-pity.”


The broadcaster reveals his personal story of recovery from a stroke in 2013, following his progress as he explores a range of cutting-edge stroke treatments. For the first time, Andrew returns to the hospital that saved his life and meets the consultant who told his family he might die. With interviews from some of his closest family and friends, this offers an insight into Andrew the man and the struggles every stroke victim faces once the immediate medical crisis is over.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Andrew Marr
Director Liz Allen
Executive Producer Julian Mercer
Executive Producer Stephen McQuillan