First Dates: Valentine's Special

First Dates: Valentine's Special



Beyond the velvety opening and closing spiels from oleaginous maître d’ Fred, there’s a commendable lack of Valentine’s overload. I suspect they might have just chosen to spy on a selection of particularly lovely dates, which is no bad thing, as I’m a softie, and it’s nice for me to glimpse what a pleasant date can be like – a man recently took me to an abattoir, and I’m still suffering the flashbacks.

First Dates is irresistible, and charms even the most cynical among us. It tempers the schmaltz with the solemn and the silly, and occasionally forces us to consider divine providence. In this episode one long-lost couple realise, midway through dinner, that they missed their first chance together after dating 20 years ago. No, you’re crying…


Singletons hope to find love at the most romantic time of the year. Comedian Vince has rarely received Valentine's cards from anyone other than his mum, but hopes his luck will change when he meets Brigitte Bardot lookalike Anna. Retired NHS counsellor Elaine sacrificed her love life to bring up her daughter, but is now looking for a gentleman who can sweep her off her feet - and music producer Steve has all the right moves and they have instant chemistry.

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer Nicola Lloyd
Executive Producer Michele Kurland
Series Editor Barnaby Coughlin