Climbing the Property Ladder

Climbing the Property Ladder

Series 1 - Episode 1



And still they come, novices who think property developing is the key to riches. Mary in West Yorkshire, who’s sinking her redundancy money into doing up a two-up two-down, and sales rep Rupa from Sutton Coldfield, who wants a pension, have their share of heartache.

Mary sobs uncontrollably in her car after a falling-out with her builder over an unwise group email (“I found working with a female very emotional,” he says later), while Rupa loses much in translation as she tries to communicate with her Romanian builders.

We follow Rupa as she grapples with measurements for tiles – “I’m just so confused” – while Mary looks on in horror as kitchen floor cement the consistency of double cream is delivered.


The stories of people hoping to make a profit by renovating houses and selling them on. The first episode follows Mary, who has ploughed all her redundancy money into a rundown Yorkshire cottage, and working mother Rupa, who hopes selling the house she is fixing up will bring in enough money to retire early.

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer Fiona O'Sullivan
Series Director Steve McComville
Series Producer Curtis Leighton-Jones