Apple Tree Yard

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Apple Tree Yard

Series 1 - Episode 3



Considering Yvonne Carmichael is a highly intelligent woman and fêted scientist, she’s shown remarkably little curiosity about why her lover took so long “visiting” the man who savagely attacked her.

Sitting outside in the car for ages then letting Mark Costley (Ben Chaplin) make a frenzied command when he jumps back in. “Drive. Now. Now!” And we all know when someone says to you, “Everything is under control,” that it clearly isn’t. And when someone then says to you, “Just trust me,” you know things have gone very badly indeed.

In the penultimate instalment of this enthralling, nuanced, grown-up thriller, Yvonne (the great Emily Watson) is left raw and exposed by love and betrayal.


Costley refuses to tell Yvonne what happened to Selway, and insists she does not contact the police. When she is later arrested for murder, she hastily denies everything. Her story does not convince the police and she and Costley are soon standing trial together. As the case unfolds, a surprising witness takes the stand leading to a shocking revelation - everything that Costley told Yvonne about himself was a lie, and that her only hope of avoiding a prison sentence lies with a man she knows nothing about.

Cast & Crew

Yvonne Carmichael Emily Watson
Mark Costley Ben Chaplin
Gary Carmichael Mark Bonnar
Jaspreet Adeel Akhtar
Price Frances Tomelty
Robert Rhashan Stone
Bonnard Lydia Leonard
Carrie Olivia Vinall
Susannah Susan Lynch
DI Cleveland Steffan Rhodri
DS Brown Diveen Henry
Laurence Sebastian Armesto
Dr Weatherfield Abigail Davies
Adam Jack Hamilton
Sathnam Assad Zaman
Kate Kezia Burrows
George Selway Steven Elder
Witness Adrian Lukis
Bail judge Jane Bertish
Judge Nick Sampson
Clerk Syreeta Kumar
Tagging officer Tigger Blaize
Foreperson of the jury Wendy Albiston
Adapted By Amanda Coe
Director Jessica Hobbs
Executive Producer Manda Levin
Executive Producer Lucy Richer
Producer Chris Carey
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