Series 8 - Episode 3 Car



Lee and Lucy’s marriage hits new depths in this special episode set almost entirely in their car – with three kids in the back. It’s one of those hellish, trapped, race-against-time plotlines, with a dash of call-centre misery thrown in.

The family are heading to France for a wedding, running late for the ferry check-in, when they hit traffic. The real problem is that Lee has put bikes on the roof and taller vehicles must check in earlier. But are said bikes part of the car’s height? “If I was wearing a top hat, that wouldn’t make me six-foot-six, would it?” Lee reasons, but persuading an agent at Channel Ferries’ call centre (played by Rob Brydon) of that proves trickier.


Lee, Lucy and the children set off in their car to catch a ferry with plenty of time to spare - or so they think. As a consequence their plans for a welcome break prove anything but stress-free. Rob Brydon guest stars, with Lee Mack and Sally Bretton.

Cast & Crew

Lee Lee Mack
Lucy Sally Bretton
George Rob Brydon
Simon Dan Tetsell
Molly Francesca Newman
Benji Max Pattison
Charlie Finley Southby
Sat nav voice Angela McHale
Director Nick Wood
Producer Jamie Rix
Writer Lee Mack
Writer Daniel Peak
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