Death in Paradise

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Man Overboard - Part One

Series 6 - Episode 5 Man Overboard - Part One



Everybody knows this drama is EasyJet TV. It whisks us off for a sunny getaway in the depths of winter: the poster-paint colours of the Caribbean perk us up, and a no-frills whodunnit takes care of us like a tour guide. All of which makes tonight’s departure from the formula look verging on the reckless.

The case of a murdered boat owner is unfolding as usual when a new development means the St Honore police must travel to London to pursue new suspects. London! It’s portrayed, naturally, as grey, noisy and generally hellish. Dwayne hates the Tube and Florence’s reaction to sampling Guinness in a pub will not feature in their advertising anytime soon.

But oddly, shaking up the formula with fish-out-of-water plotting works nicely – and introduces us to Jack, an apparently bumbling detective at the Met our team must cooperate with, played with rumpled charm by Ardal O’Hanlon. We might be seeing more of him.


Part one of two. A man is found murdered on his boat five miles out at sea, with no possible way a killer could have escaped. At first Humphrey turns his attention to the small group he was with the night before he died - but as the investigation deepens, the investigation takes an unexpected turn that requires the team to leave the comfort of their Caribbean island - and go searching for their suspects in London. Kris Marshall stars.

Cast & Crew

DI Humphrey Goodman Kris Marshall
Officer Dwayne Myers Danny John-Jules
DS Florence Cassell Josephine Jobert
Officer JP Hooper Tobi Bakare
Martin West Nigel Betts
Lucy Chapman Anna Crilly
Sophie Boyd Amy Beth Hayes
Nelson Myers Ram John Holder
Tom Lewis John Marquez
Steve Thomas Luke Newberry
Dominic Green Henry Pettigrew
Rachel Baldwin Claire Rushbrook
Hema Patel Sunetra Sarker
Frank Henderson Julian Wadham
Catherine Bordey Elizabeth Bourgine
Commissioner Selwyn Patterson Don Warrington
DI Jack Mooney Ardal O'Hanlon
Director Richard Signy
Producer Sue Howells
Writer Robert Thorogood
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