The Dumping Ground

One Giant Leap

Series 5 - Episode 3 One Giant Leap



Sasha and Bailey team up to save Dexter, and the YP try to build bridges with the Umblebys, but first impressions are difficult to change.

Cast & Crew

Mike Milligan Connor Byrne
May-Li Wang Stacy Liu
Bailey Wharton Kasey McKellar
Sasha Bellman Annabelle Davis
Dexter Bellman Alexander Aze
Kazima Tako Akuc Bol
Toni Trent Nelly Currant
Billie Trent Gwen Currant
Floss Guppy Sarah Rayson
Jody Jackson Kia Pegg
Tyler Lewis Miles Butler-Hughton
Ryan Reeves Lewis Hamilton
Joseph Yousef Naseer
Archie Jethro Baliba
Finn Ruben Reuter
Chloe Hannah Moncur
Peter Umbleby Simon Ludders
Janet Umbleby Alison Pargeter
Edward Umbleby Jaimie Boubezari
Kev Mark Homer
Kelly Sandy Foster
Roddy Alfie Browne-Sykes
Director Duncan Foster
Executive Producer Jonathan Phillips
Producer Gert Thomas
Writer Dawn Harrison
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