The Halcyon

Series 1 - Episode 5



The horrors of war hit home sharply when the air-raid warning siren sounds; there’s an upper-crust wedding party in the Halcyon but the fun must continue in the basement. Meanwhile, in the fetid, claustrophobic public air-raid shelter, Richard and Peggy (Steven Mackintosh and Liz White) can only hope they emerge unscathed.

Unfortunately it takes sustained German carpet-bombing to bring The Halcyon to life, but during this brief burst there are glimpses of the drama it might have been as emotions fizz and life-changing decisions are made. Oh, and if you think that jazz singer looks a bit like Jamie Cullum, that’s because it’s Jamie Cullum.


Emma is in charge of the hotel and she is put to the test hosting a society wedding for Lady Hamilton's friends the Ashworths, and has to stand up to the owner when there is an air-raid. Celina Radimsky comes to the hotel to meet Freddie, who tries to offer consolation after her husband's death, and Garland goes to the East End to help Peggy with some housekeeping, but has an encounter with a figure from his past while waiting outside a shop. Olivia Williams and Steven Mackintosh star, with a guest appearance by Jamie Cullum.

Cast & Crew

Lady Hamilton Olivia Williams
Richard Garland Steven Mackintosh
Lillian Annabelle Apsion
Feldman Mark Benton
Freddie Hamilton Jamie Blackley
Toby Hamilton Edward Bluemel
Tom Hill Alex Boxall
Skinner Nick Brimble
Wilfred Michael Carter
Kate Loughlin Lauren Coe
Sonny Sullivan Sope Dirisu
Lucian D'Abberville Charles Edwards
Robbie Gordon Kennedy
Adil Joshi Akshay Kumar
Billy Taylor Ewan Mitchell
Max Klein Nico Rogner
Joe O’Hara Matt Ryan
Betsey Day Kara Tointon
Peggy Taylor Liz White
Wedding singer Jamie Cullum
Lady Ashworth Fenella Woolgar
Douglas Tim Plester
WW1 Officer Jonathan Christie
Dora Bella Padden
Ada Joann Condon
Celina Radimsky Georgia Maguire
Theresa Buchanan Alice Bailey Johnson
Director Justin Hardy
Executive Producer Sharon Hughff
Executive Producer Jack Lothian
Executive Producer Andy Harries
Producer Chris Croucher
Writer Charlotte Jones
Writer Jack Lothian
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