Maud's Big Mistake

Series 1 - Episode 8 Maud's Big Mistake



Maud's panicking about parent's evening after getting into more trouble with Mildred and Enid, and so she takes a `forgetting powder' so no-one will remember her mistakes.

Cast & Crew

Miss Cackle Clare Higgins
Miss Hardbroom Raquel Cassidy
Mildred Hubble Bella Ramsey
Maud Spellbody Meibh Campbell
Drusilla Paddock Tallulah Milligan
Ethel Hallow Jenny Richardson
Felicity Foxglove Dagny Rollins
Esmerelda Hallow Miriam Petche
Miss Gullett Kacey Ainsworth
Miss Batt Wendy Craig
Miss Drill Shauna Shim
Julie Hubble Nicola Stephenson
Enid Nightshade Tamara Smart
Rowan Webb Philip Martin Brown
Director Lindy Heymann
Executive Producer Marcus Wilson
Producer Lucy Martin
Writer Neil Jones
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