The Halcyon

Series 1 - Episode 8



If you can think way, way back to the first few minutes of the very first episode of The Halcyon, you’ll recall how the series must end. If not, then hang on, you’re in for a bumpy night.

First, we must prepare for a splendid party as the five-star hotel celebrates its 50th birthday amid the horrors of the war. There’s champagne, a big cake and lots of sparkle and glitter. But the celebrations are rudely, even brutally, interrupted.

There are strands of unfinished business that must be neatly tied before we leave this stylish, though strangely soulless, place. There’s the suave Lucian D’Abberville (Charles Edwards), a polished, oily worm who’s blackmailing gay Toby Hamilton for wartime Government secrets.

Leave it to all-round fixer, hotel manager Richard Garland, to have a plan when everything goes horribly wrong for the Hamilton family.


The hotel celebrates its 50 year anniversary, but Lucian struggles to keep things in order as pressure mounts and Adil attempts to corner Toby and bring him back from the edge of doing something terrible. Garland and Lady Hamilton find a cause to unite over, while Emma is still confused about the men in her life and finally comes to a decision after talking to Betsey about love during wartime. The tension between Joe and Freddie is palpable: will it spill over? Olivia Williams and Steven Mackintosh star. Last in the series.

Cast & Crew

Richard Garland Steven Mackintosh
Lady Hamilton Olivia Williams
Lillian Annabelle Apsion
Feldman Mark Benton
Toby Hamilton Edward Bluemel
Freddie Hamilton Jamie Blackley
Tom Hill Alex Boxall
Skinner Nick Brimble
Wilfred Michael Carter
Kate Loughlin Lauren Coe
Emma Garland Hermione Corfield
Sonny Sullivan Sope Dirisu
Lucian D'Abberville Charles Edwards
Robbie Gordon Kennedy
Adil Joshi Akshay Kumar
Max Klein Nico Rogner
Joe O’Hara Matt Ryan
Betsey Day Kara Tointon
Mortimer Danny Webb
Peggy Taylor Liz White
Douglas Tim Plester
Jim Taylor Doug Allen
Statistician Caitlin Innes Edwards
Director Philip John
Executive Producer Sharon Hughff
Executive Producer Jack Lothian
Executive Producer Andy Harries
Producer Chris Croucher
Writer Jack Lothian
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