Series 8 - Episode 2 Babysitting



Lee Mack has talked about the fact that the new setting for Not Going Out lets him mine ideas from his life as a dad, and make the show more true-to-life. Tonight’s story certainly revolves around an issue parents know well: babysitters, and specifically what happens when you let a grandparent babysit, but do so with that slight, lingering anxiety about how they’ll get on.

For Lee’s character, the problem is more acute because his father Frank (Bobby Ball) is something of a rogue and a recovering alcoholic. “Hello Granpops, have you come to burgle us?” asks Lee’s son as Frank arrives to offer childcare, while Lucy hides the spirit bottles under the sink.

The plot builds slowly to a lovely scene of inter-grandparent turf war as Lucy’s parents (stuck-up golf-club types) square up against common-as-muck Frank. We may be in brightly lit sitcomland, but there’s still a whiff of truth.


Lucy offends father-in-law Frank by casting doubt on his ability to mind the children while she and Lee enjoy an evening out at the ballet. Sally Bretton co-stars, alongside veteran comedy performer Bobby Ball and Outnumbered's Hugh Dennis.

Cast & Crew

Lee Lee Mack
Lucy Sally Bretton
Toby Hugh Dennis
Anna Abigail Cruttenden
Geoffrey Geoffrey Whitehead
Wendy Deborah Grant
Frank Bobby Ball
Molly Francesca Newman
Benji Max Pattison
Charlie Finley Southby
Jack Max Willis
Director Nick Wood
Producer Jamie Rix
Writer Lee Mack
Writer Daniel Peak
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