The Cruise: Sailing the Mediterranean

The Cruise: Sailing the Mediterranean

Series 2



As the Royal Princess steams towards Barcelona, a storm breaks. It’s bucketing down with rain, which means the bored passengers are cooped up inside. And that, as the galley crew knows from experience, means they want feeding… constantly.

Not that galley assistant Nico cares, because he’s trying out on the front desk, where his badly pressed shirt unfortunately appears to overshadow his winning smile. Struggling hard to rise above the adverse weather conditions are Dave and Kat, who have brought 17 of their closest friends and family with them to witness their dream wedding but, for some reason, didn’t think to pack wellington boots.


On a cruise around the Mediterranean the weather takes a turn for the worse. The Regal Princess encounters a semi-submerged boat, calling upon the captain to make some critical decisions. It's the first time new officer Lauren has had to deal with an emergency on board and she must keep constant watch on the wreck as it threatens to disappear amid three-metre swells, while a rescue team poises itself for action. Elsewhere on board, the adverse conditions disrupt a magic show and threaten to make one young British couple's wedding a washout. Narrated by Hugh Bonneville.

Cast & Crew

Narrator Hugh Bonneville
Director Nicola Bathurst
Executive Producer Alicia Kerr
Executive Producer Paul Hamann
Series Director Caroline Menzies
Series Producer Nicola Bathurst
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