Trump: The Kremlin Candidate? - Panorama

Trump: The Kremlin Candidate? - Panorama



Ahead of Friday’s inauguration, John Sweeney’s Panorama report focuses on Trump’s admiration for Vladimir Putin, a trait that sailed close to treason over the festive period when the President-elect sided with Russia in a diplomatic row with the US. What, Sweeney wonders, will happen when these two eerily similar hotheads inevitably fall out?


In the week of the new US president's inauguration, Panorama investigates Donald Trump's relationship with Vladimir Putin. John Sweeney - who has confronted both men in the past - travels to Russia, the United States and the battlefields in Ukraine to report on what's behind their mutual admiration. He examines whether Russian cyber-warriors helped get Donald Trump into the White House and if there is any truth to claims that Russian intelligence has compromising material about the President-elect.

Cast & Crew

Reporter John Sweeney
Director Matthew Hill
Director Nick Sturdee
Editor Rachel Jupp
Producer Matthew Hill
Producer Nick Sturdee
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