Still Open All Hours

Still Open All Hours

Series 3 - Episode 3



Being a member of the grocer fraternity comes with a huge burden of responsibility, apparently. As Granville says, pompously, “We who handle people’s perishables have to be above suspicion.” It also means he’s trusted by the Government to sell “alien Viagra” — they’re out-of-season Christmas puddings really.

The sexual innuendos about small brown cobs, tinkering and the goodies that Leroy keeps hidden behind the shop counter are delivered with metronomic regularity, which you may find inoffensively saucy or rather tedious. However, there’s a nice moment when Granville falls off a ladder and has an unexpectedly soft landing.


Eric, Cyril and Mr Newbold try to prove they have it in them to be exciting men of action. Granville tries to shift a consignment of mints that are past their sell-by date with unexpected results, and finds himself once more trying to escape the grim prospect of becoming Mrs Featherstone's fourth husband.

Cast & Crew

Granville David Jason
Mrs Featherstone Stephanie Cole
Eric Johnny Vegas
Leroy James Baxter
Madge Brigit Forsyth
Cyril Kulvinder Ghir
Gastric Tim Healy
Kath Taylor Sally Lindsay
Mavis Maggie Ollerenshaw
Mrs Hussein Nina Wadia
Mr Newbold Geoffrey Whitehead
Mr Willshaw Daniel Ryan
Mr Lomax Keiron Self
Woman Cathy Breeze
Director Dewi Humphreys
Executive Producer David Jason
Executive Producer Gareth Edwards
Producer Alex Walsh-Taylor
Writer Roy Clarke
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