The Halcyon

Series 1 - Episode 2



Lady Hamilton (not that Lady Hamilton, this is 1940) is brittle, stoic and vulnerable all at once after last week’s humiliation and tragedy.

She wants to blame someone and her beady eye falls on the Halcyon hotel’s manager, Richard Garland (Steven Mackintosh). Lady H (a withering Olivia Williams) wants him out, pronto.

As we get to grips with this soapy drama it becomes clear that its major fault is that it isn’t very sexy. Not necessarily in a bobbing-bottoms way – it’s all very polished and the cast is full of good names – but there’s no oomph to The Halcyon. You want to hurry it along in the hope of getting to something interesting. I hope that will be soon.


Lady Hamilton wants Freddie to use his leave from the RAF to support her with the hotel and it becomes clear she wants to make changed and that Garland is in her sights. The hotel manager insists he's not worried and that he just needs to show how indispensable he is, but Peggy and Feldman aren't so sure, while Charity meets Joe and reveals her plans for revenge, but he refuses to help her, and Emma and Betsey hit the town. Drama, starring Olivia Williams, Steven Mackintosh, Jamie Blackley and Mark Benton.

Cast & Crew

Lady Hamilton Olivia Williams
Richard Garland Steven Mackintosh
Freddie Hamilton Jamie Blackley
Toby Hamilton Edward Bluemel
Lillian Annabelle Apsion
Feldman Mark Benton
Skinner Nick Brimble
Wilfred Michael Carter
Kate Loughlin Lauren Coe
Emma Garland Hermione Corfield
Sonny Sullivan Sope Dirisu
George `Chef' Parry Kevin Eldon
Robbie Gordon Kennedy
Adil Joshi Akshay Kumar
Billy Taylor Ewan Mitchell
Joe O’Hara Matt Ryan
Betsey Day Kara Tointon
Charity Lambert Charity Wakefield
Peggy Taylor Liz White
Lord Rowling Gerrard McArthur
Ruby Beverley Knight
Max Klein Nico Rogner
Stanislav Radimsky Joel Phillimore
William Shannon Cameron Cuffe
Harvinder Singh Jaz Deol
Managing director Martyn Stanbridge
Handsome soldier Dan Krikler
Cafe de Paris girl Jade Matthew
Croupier Charles Armstrong
Tom Hill Alex Boxall
Director Stephen Woolfenden
Executive Producer Sharon Hughff
Executive Producer Jack Lothian
Executive Producer Andy Harries
Producer Chris Croucher
Writer Charlotte Jones
Writer Jack Lothian
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