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What Lurks in the Heart

Series 31 - Episode 17 What Lurks in the Heart



Even by Casualty standards, there an awful lot of Painful Life Lessons learnt tonight. But first, the accident of the week – it involves stone steps, broken glass and two men struggling. Yes, you can see where this is going.

Once in the emergency department the two wrestlers reveal a mutually difficult family history that’s rather touching. Even more affecting is a curious love story involving a mascara-smeared drunk-texting woman who does that Casualty thing of falling onto broken crockery.

But the big story involves Dylan, who surveys the wreckage of his life and career after slimy Sebastian’s unfounded sexual harassment allegation. It’s up to manager Elle to get a grip on her staff, but she’s hopeless.


Dylan becomes the source of gossip after Seb's allegation, but Max and Jez are determined to help him and try to record Seb confessing his guilt. Alicia and Ethan wake up together in blissful happiness, but are forced to face the consequences of their actions, and Connie spots something in Grace's medical notes that leads her to reporting Elle to the GMC.

Cast & Crew

Dylan Keogh William Beck
Alicia Munroe Chelsea Halfpenny
Caleb Knight Richard Winsor
Elle Gardner Jaye Griffiths
Jacob Masters Charles Venn
Ethan Hardy George Rainsford
Lisa `Duffy' Duffin Cathy Shipton
Max Walker Jamie Davis
Jez Andrews Lloyd Everitt
Louise Tyler Azuka Oforka
Connie Beauchamp Amanda Mealing
David Hide Jason Durr
Iain Dean Michael Stevenson
Robyn Miller Amanda Henderson
Lily Chao Crystal Yu
Charlie Fairhead Derek Thompson
Noel Garcia Tony Marshall
Sebastian Grayling Rik Makarem
Sheldon Hawkins Jack Rowan
Neil Ogden Elliot Rosen
Kerry Bayton Charlene Salter
Lina Collins Amy Robbins
Femi Magoro Daniel Adegboyega
Archie Grayling James Wilby
Oliver Hide Harry Collett
Ric Griffin Hugh Quarshie
Director Jamie Annett
Producer Jo Johnson
Writer Rachel Smith
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