Save Money - Lose Weight

Save Money - Lose Weight

Series 1



In what sounds like it might be a slightly awkward mix of consumer/lifestyle formats, Sian Williams looks at which of the medical remedies we buy ourselves (rather than have prescribed by a doctor) are the best value for money. The first edition is an hour-long special on off-the-shelf diets, with six volunteers who are keen to slim down devoting 28 days to a particular plan or scheme. The show will then assess how much they’ve lost and how much they’ve spent – which diet is the best pound for pound, if you will.

Bringing the medical muscle to oversee the tests is Dr Ranj Singh, a resident medic on This Morning and presenter of the excellent CBeebies show Get Well Soon.


New series. As more people head to the high street rather than the GP in search of medical remedies, The Money Saving Good Health Show asks whether a price can be put on good health. Sian Williams investigate which products on the supermarket shelves are worth it, and Dr Ranj Singh tests a range of shop-bought cures, fads and remedies. The first edition is an hour-long diet special, in which six overweight volunteers are put through different off-the-shelf diets for 28 diets. But it's not just about who shifts the most weight - it's also about saving money, so the show will reveal how much each diet costs for every pound of weight they lose.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Sian Williams
Presenter Ranj Singh
Executive Producer Rachel Innes-Lumsden
Series Director Colin May
Series Editor Maria Knowles