Death in Paradise

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Erupting in Murder

Series 6 - Episode 1 Erupting in Murder



The return of Death in Paradise in early January is as inevitable as a new year hangover, though it’s feeling a bit creaky. What was once a warm and rejuvenating breath of air now feels stale. Maybe that’s because bumbling cop Humphrey investigates only minor variations of the same crime every week.

But all of the above is probably why people adore it, why it’s audience catnip and beloved by millions. You know where you are with it, and I suppose you can’t say fairer than that.

Humphrey (Kris Marshall) and his little gang are called to Saint Marie’s volcano observatory where a scientist has been found dead in the mountains. Possibly of a heart attack, but of course, probably not.

His colleagues are a bunch of shifty academics (academics are always shifty in Death in Paradise) and there’s a shifty local mayor, too, played by Cucumber’s Cyril Nri.


A scientist studying a live volcano is found dead halfway up the mountain, and the evidence points to a heart attack. Humphrey is convinced one of the dead man's colleagues murdered him - an unlikely possibility, since they all have alibis. Away from the investigation, the inspector eagerly awaits Martha's return to the island, while JP settles into married life and Dwayne makes an error of judgment while talking to a journalist. Kris Marshall, Josephine Jobert and Danny John-Jules star in the sun-soaked whodunit, with guest appearances from Douglas Hodge, Natasha Little and Sally Bretton.

Cast & Crew

DI Humphrey Goodman Kris Marshall
Officer Dwayne Myers Danny John-Jules
DS Florence Cassell Josephine Jobert
Officer JP Hooper Tobi Bakare
Justine Tremblay Murielle Hilaire
Daniel Langham Douglas Hodge
Victoria Baker Natasha Little
Mayor Joseph Richards Cyril Nri
Stephen Langham Adrian Rawlins
Megan Colley Emily Taaffe
Martha Lloyd Sally Bretton
Catherine Bordey Elizabeth Bourgine
Commissioner Selwyn Patterson Don Warrington
Director Claire Winyard
Producer Sue Howells
Writer Dana Fainaru
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