Walking the Americas

Walking the Americas

Series 1 - Episode 1



Having trekked the length of the Nile and across the Himalayas, former paratrooper Levison Wood embarks on a third epic hike: 1,800 miles in four months, from Mexico to Colombia, beginning on the sun-baked plains of the Yucatan peninsula where he dives for the skulls of Mayan human sacrifices.

Inevitably he strays into macho Bear Grylls territory, but it’s not the physical feat that makes Levison’s series compelling; it’s the conversations he casually strikes up along the way. Here he meets Belize fishermen who have just lost their boats in a hurricane and lunches with overfriendly locals in an area of Guatemala notorious for cocaine trafficking.


Levison and Alberto avoid escaped convicts and poisonous trees as they take in Mexico and Belize's jungles, the hurricane-wracked island of San Pedro and Guatemala's lawless wilderness of El Petén