The Real Marigold on Tour: Florida

The Real Marigold on Tour: Florida



“I’m fed up with it. Nobody told me [growing old] was going to be like this,” grumbles Miriam Margolyes. Having explored retirement possibilities in India, she and three other original Marigold-trippers (Rosemary Shrager, Wayne Sleep and Bobby George) check out the retirement paradise that is Florida.

Margolyes is as hilariously blunt as ever. She hates their “pretentious rabbit hutch” in a gated community, although the people are nice so she understands “why someone would live in a place like this when they’re hurtling towards death”. But none are keen on the ultra-exclusive retirement village in Palm Beach, where everyone has had plastic surgery. There’s an explosive argument with one belligerent resident. Clearly this sanitised environment is not for them but all four appreciate that, as they get older, people embrace life in different ways. Next stop Japan.


Part one of two. Inspired by their stay in India, actress Miriam Margolyes, dancer Wayne Sleep, darts champion Bobby George and chef Rosemary Shrager are reunited, this time to road-test retirement in the places reputed to be the best in the world to grow old. In this episode they travel to Florida, one of the retirement capitals of the world, with low taxes and year-long warm weather.

Cast & Crew

Contributor Miriam Margolyes
Contributor Wayne Sleep
Contributor Bobby George
Contributor Rosemary Shrager
Director Simon Draper
Executive Producer David Vallance
Executive Producer Andrew Mackenzie-Betty
Executive Producer David Clews
Series Producer Simon Draper
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