The Witness for the Prosecution

The Witness for the Prosecution

Series 1 - Episode 2



The court case against Leonard Vole, who denies murdering his wealthy mistress, is in full swing now that ruthless barrister Sir Charles Carter (the great David Haig) has agreed to defend the accused.

But timid instructing solicitor Mr Mayhew (smashing Toby Jones) feels uneasy and senses he’s being followed around the smoky streets of London. Then, out of the blue, comes an urgent letter, demanding an assignation in one of the seediest bits of the East End. What he sees and hears shocks him to the core.

Sarah Phelps’s adaptation of Agatha Christie’s story ends with a smattering of feminist and anti-war agitprop and, of course, a great big twist.


Romaine, whose testimony was the one hope to save Leonard from the gallows, has turned on him, leaving Mayhew's case hopeless and Leonard's fatal verdict imminent. Nonetheless, Mayhew's firm belief in Leonard's innocence spurs him on with a steely conviction. Adaptation of the short story by Agatha Christie, starring Toby Jones, Andrea Riseborough, Billy Howle, Kim Cattrall and David Haig.

Cast & Crew

John Mayhew Toby Jones
Romaine Heilger Andrea Riseborough
Emily French Kim Cattrall
Sir Charles Carter David Haig
Janet McIntyre Monica Dolan
Leonard Vole Billy Howle
Tripp Paul Ready
Sir Hugo Meredith Tim McMullan
Alice Mayhew Hayley Carmichael
Detective Breem Dorian Lough
Justice Greville Parris Robert East
Clerk Adam Jowett
Dora Carla Langley
Bernie Ted Robbins
Clifford Starling Andrew Havill
Parslow KC Nick Sampson
Christine Moffat Miranda Nolan
Stage Manager Paul Dallison
Director Julian Jarrold
Producer Colin Wratten
Writer Sarah Phelps
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