Walliams And Friend: Christmas 2016

Walliams And Friend: Christmas 2016

Series 1



David Walliams has found his best friend so far: Hugh Bonneville. Downton’s erstwhile Lord Grantham delivers a fabulously naughty impression of Lady Cora (in full drag and getting Elizabeth McGovern down to a tee). And he doesn’t stop there. His Alan Sugar (yes, you read right) marries superb mimicry with some of the sharpest lines of the whole series as he sets his apprentices the most joyously ridiculously tasks.

His dad-dancing had me on the floor laughing, as did his Aussie stress-reduction councilor, Guru Dave. David W should pair up with Hugh B full-time, if he’s free. The man has funny bones. But W1A fans knew that already.


Star of Downton Abbey and W1A, Hugh Bonneville partners with David Walliams in a variety of comedy sketches with a festive theme. Hugh demonstrates his comic versatility as he plays roles as diverse as Lord Alan Sugar dishing out the hardest ever Apprentice tasks, and even the Countess of Grantham. In addition, he and David pair up to play smarmy game-show hosts of the completely baffling Double or Nothing, the world's most embarrassing dancing dads and even Bruce Wayne and his loyal butler Alfred. This extended instalment also features festive episodes of mock shows `Middle Class Jeremy Kyle' and `Celebrity Slammer'.

Cast & Crew

Host David Walliams
Contributor Hugh Bonneville
Contributor Mike Wozniak
Contributor Ashley Gilmour
Contributor Emmanuel Kojo
Contributor Mikel Sylvanus
Director Matt Lipsey
Producer Sarah Fraser
Writer David Walliams
Writer The Dawson Bros
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