Birds of a Feather

There's a Girl in My Souk

There's a Girl in My Souk



The Birds have flown the nest – or rather Essex – for this one-off episode set in Morocco (actually Malta). Tracey’s son Travis is spending his gap year in Spain, but nobody has heard from him since he was spotted boarding a ferry to Tangier. When the trio attempt to find him the first person they bump into is dodgy bar owner Vince (Martin Kemp) – the gangster we last saw misbehaving in the back of a hearse with sex-mad Dorien.

It’s an old-fashioned, rollicking comedy adventure involving a suspicious British consul (Robert Portal), a kidnap attempt, an insurance scam, hoodlums and Dorien “doing an Omar Sharif” on a camel.


Travis has finally been allowed to fly the nest on a gap year to Spain, but nobody has heard from him in four days and he was last seen getting on a ferry to Morocco with his girlfriend. Tracey is convinced something terrible has happened to him so she heads off to Tangier to track him down and bring him back home for Christmas, accompanied by Sharon and Dorien. On arrival they end up in a bar run by Vince, one of Dorien's old flames, who reviews the CCTV footage and spots Travis being arrested in a police raid. Festive special of the comedy, starring Pauline Quirke, Linda Robson and Lesley Joseph, with Martin Kemp.

Cast & Crew

Sharon Theodopolopodous Pauline Quirke
Tracey Stubbs Linda Robson
Dorien Green Lesley Joseph
Travis Stubbs Charlie Quirke
Garth Stubbs Samuel James
Vince Martin Kemp
Auntie Vera Kate Williams
Rupert Julian Jones Robert Portal
Angelina Georgia Maguire
Mr Arboretum Michael Mears
Samir Omar Ibrahim
One-Eyed Marc James Daffern
Receptionist Laila Alj
Henchman Daniel-John Williams
Stallholder Saif Braik
Director Martin Dennis
Executive Producer Jon Rolph
Executive Producer Steve Sheen
Producer Matthew Mulot
Writer Laurence Marks
Writer Maurice Gran
Writer Gary Lawson
Writer John Phelps
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