Grantchester Christmas Special

Grantchester Christmas Special



Let’s all take a trip back to 1954 Cambridge. It’s the week before Christmas and our handsome vicar is rehearsing the church’s Nativity play. His friend the local police inspector is out shopping for toys with his children. Snow is falling. All is well with the world. For about three minutes.

Because, as we’ve come to expect, this drama guides us to a kinder, gentler age that proves to be nothing of the sort. You get the feeling Grantchester would put gravel in our mince pies and a mousetrap in every stocking if it would convince us the world is a dark and lonely place.

Poor whisky-sodden Sidney can do nothing to save pregnant Amanda from the wrath of her horrid father (a great turn from Pip Torrens). And we know what happens to pregnant women in Christmas stories…

Meanwhile, there’s a film noir murder case to solve, complete with a winter wedding, a platinum blonde and a strangled banker. It all weaves together nicely and there are, in the end, glimmers of light.


It's the week before Christmas, and Sidney and Geordie are drawn into a case with echoes of an unsolved murder from nine years previously when a bride-to-be reports the disappearance of her groom on their wedding day. After finding the man dead with the wedding rings lodged in his mouth, the unlikely duo hunt for the killer. Drama set in the 1950s, starring James Norton, Robson Green, Morven Christie and Al Weaver.

Cast & Crew

Sidney Chambers James Norton
Geordie Keating Robson Green
Amanda Hopkins Morven Christie
Leonard Finch Al Weaver
Mrs Maguire Tessa Peake-Jones
Cathy Keating Kacey Ainsworth
Sir Edward Kendall Pip Torrens
Margaret Ward Seline Hizli
Phil Wilkinson Lorne MacFadyen
Albert Tannen Julian Glover
Aunt Cece Anna Chancellor
Linda Morgan Maimie McCoy
Felix Davis Enzo Cilenti
Larry Simpkins Terence Maynard
Kitty Faith Alabi
Gail Tannen Mariah Gale
Neville Grant Frankie Fox
Esme Keating Skye Degruttola
Jessica Davis Lexie Benbow-Hart
Director Edward Bennett
Executive Producer Diederick Santer
Executive Producer Daisy Coulam
Series Producer Emma Kingsman-Lloyd
Writer Daisy Coulam
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