Series 4 - Episode 4 Harvest



Morse and Fred investigate a cold case, the disappearance of a scientist in 1962, that suddenly becomes hot again with the discovery of a body, in this episode from 2017.

Morse (Shaun Evans) turns up in the beautiful, honey-coloured village where the missing man was last seen, but it’s a place that clearly doesn’t like outsiders. 

As morris men thump about rehearsing for the autumnal equinox celebrations, Morse tries to get some sense out of the Wurzel-like locals. There’s even a witchy, tarot-reading woman living in the woods (Sheila Hancock); “Oi been expecting you,” she tells him, gnomically.

If it all feels a bit HP Lovecraft, don’t worry: things get a lot less fanciful when Morse tries to question the personnel at the local atomic power station.


The discovery of a 2,000-year-old body provides fresh evidence in a five-year-old unsolved missing persons case, so Morse and Thursday take up the investigation, discovering a possible link to a local pagan ritual to celebrate the harvest. The investigation leads them to a nuclear power station, where they face a conspiracy of silence concerning an experimental new reactor and a potential disaster that could devastate Oxford. Guest starring Sheila Hancock, widow of original Inspector Morse star John Thaw.

Cast & Crew

DC Endeavour Morse Shaun Evans
DI Fred Thursday Roger Allam
Dowsable Chattox Sheila Hancock
Chief Supt Reginald Bright Anton Lesser
Dr Max DeBryn James Bradshaw
DS Jim Strange Sean Rigby
WPC Shirley Trewlove Dakota Blue Richards
Seth Chattox Christopher Coghill
Ros Levin Emily Forbes
Dr Tristan Berger Sam Hoare
Selina Berger Joanna Horton
Elliott Blake Adam Levy
Win Thursday Caroline O'Neill
Professor Donald Bagley Michael Pennington
Dorothea Frazil Abigail Thaw
Joan Thursday Sara Vickers
Dr Jon Levin Alex Wyndham
Dr Matthew Laxman Alex Mann
Nigel Warren Simon Meacock
Alison Laxman Natalie Burt
Morag Morrison Jane Whittenshaw
Zebulon Sadler Grahame Fox
Sgt Troy Martin Sam Redford
Ray Morton Matthew Walker
Quizmaster Phillip Edgerley
Doctor Raj Paul
Director Jim Loach
Executive Producer Russell Lewis
Executive Producer Tom Mullens
Executive Producer Damien Timmer
Producer Helen Ziegler
Writer Russell Lewis
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