The Halcyon

Series 1 - Episode 4



The great comfort about The Halcyon is its utter predictability. There are no surprises, every costume drama rule is followed and obeyed to the letter. So someone has a cough? Just wait, they’ll be hawking up blood before you know it.

And someone gets a big head and needs taking down a peg or two? He or she will learn an Important Life Lesson That Will Last Forever.

But it’s worth a peek just for Olivia Williams as almighty snob Lady Hamilton, owner of The Halcyon, and a woman who cannot abide commoners. Her new beau (Edith’s bloke in Downton, the one who vanished in Germany) takes her to the pictures, where she must sit with people.


Joe is offered the opportunity of a lifetime, but finds himself unexpectedly torn as the moral responsibility of staying in England to tell the story of the war weighs heavily on his shoulders. Betsey's mother Gloria comes for a surprise stay, leaving Sonny unsettled and wary of the reaction she incites from Betsey, while Lucian and Lady Hamilton continue their flirtation and Emma anxiously awaits news of Freddie when she hears that a plane from Squadron 392 has gone down.

Cast & Crew

Lillian Annabelle Apsion
Feldman Mark Benton
Freddie Hamilton Jamie Blackley
Toby Hamilton Edward Bluemel
Tom Hill Alex Boxall
Wilfred Michael Carter
Kate Loughlin Lauren Coe
Emma Garland Hermione Corfield
Sonny Sullivan Sope Dirisu
Lucian D'Abberville Charles Edwards
Robbie Gordon Kennedy
Adil Joshi Akshay Kumar
Billy Taylor Ewan Mitchell
Joe O’Hara Matt Ryan
Betsey Day Kara Tointon
Peggy Taylor Liz White
Richard Garland Steven Mackintosh
Lady Hamilton Olivia Williams
Statistician Caitlin Innes Edwards
Delane Matthew Marsh
Gloria Maggie O'Neill
Producer Chris Rogers
Stanislav Radimsky Joel Phillimore
William Shannon Cameron Cuffe
Harvinder Singh Jaz Deol
Nurse Chloe Levis
Doctor Andrew Bridgmont
Director Rob Evans
Executive Producer Sharon Hughff
Executive Producer Jack Lothian
Executive Producer Andy Harries
Producer Chris Croucher
Writer Jack Lothian
Writer Martha Hillier
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