The Big Life Fix with Simon Reeve

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The Big Life Fix with Simon Reeve

Series 1 - Episode 2



The moment that the inventors hand over their life-changing solution to the person who so desperately needs it is always emotional. And if we as viewers feel like that, how overwhelmed must the recipient feel?

Their challenges this time are to give a voice to a paralysed man, design a bike for a teenage boy with no hands or feet, and help stop sheep rustling. They’re all tricky projects in different ways but what’s so impressive is how the inventors aren’t disheartened by setbacks. Hearing Graham “speak” (with occasional rude words) and seeing Oscar ride a bike will bring tears to your eyes.


The inventors try to give a voice to 57-year-old Graham from Peterborough, who is suffering from locked-in syndrome, meaning he is almost completely paralysed and can no longer speak. The initial aim is to allow Graham to have conversations with the medical team around him as well as his family and friends. They also find a way to build a BMX bicycle for a teenage boy who was born with no hands or feet and design a new technology that may help fight one of the biggest rural crimes in the UK.

Cast & Crew

Director Tom Watt-Smith
Executive Producer Ros Ponder
Executive Producer Tim Harcourt
Producer Tom Watt-Smith