24 Hours in A&E

Series 12 - Episode 7



The documentary charting the work of staff at St George's A&E continues, this time focusing on the stories of patients whose friendships have seen them through good times and bad. Phil, a 60-year-old bricklayer, is rushed in after suffering multiple injuries following a short fall from a ladder at work, and his business partner Paul discusses how the pair bonded over the course of 28 years. Meanwhile, 93-year-old widow Violet arrives after fracturing her leg while preparing to go out for lunch with the friends who have supported her since the death of her husband, and 18-year-old dance student Shiana comes to A&E with her mother and her best friend, after injuring her ankle during a rehearsal.

Cast & Crew

Director Lucie Duxbury
Director Gemma Brady
Director Martin Conway
Executive Producer Spencer Kelly
Series Producer Lucie Duxbury
Series Producer Gemma Brady
Series Producer Martin Conway
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