Michael McIntyre's Big Show

Michael McIntyre's Big Show

Series 2 - Episode 4



Will anybody ever refuse to be the Unexpected Star of the Show? Well not in this edition as Verity, set up to work in a fake art exhibition, seems very eager to belt out a song on stage. For me, though, the real stars are Michael’s new “producers”: two youngsters whose cute delivery rivals Little Ant and Dec.

Guest Olly Murs has clearly forgiven Michael for his “Send to All” text, but will Olympic champion Rebecca Adlington be as lenient when her contacts are told that Kim and Kanye have asked her to be a live-in swimming teacher? Sir Chris Hoy isn’t fooled for a moment.


The lively comedian invites singer-songwriter and internet sensation Rick Astley to perform his new single at London's Theatre Royal on Drury Lane. Also taking to the stage are rising Irish comedian Al Porter, and Olly Murs, who will surely be in safer territory singing to a live audience than he was in the first episode of this series, when Michael seized his mobile phone for Send To All, which this week features double gold medal-winning Olympic swimmer Rebecca Adlington. Plus, two very junior producers surprise their mother when they take over the show, and a trainee teacher receives the surprise of her life when she volunteers to help out at an art gallery, and ends up getting to live out her long-standing West End dream.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Michael McIntyre
Musical Guest Rick Astley
Musical Guest Olly Murs
Guest Rebecca Adlington
Performer Al Porter
Director Chris Howe
Executive Producer Claire Horton
Executive Producer Dan Baldwin
Series Producer Christian Fletcher
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