In Plain Sight

Series 1 - Episode 1



Two dramas about real-life 1950s serial killers on consecutive nights might be hard for audiences to stomach. After Rillington Place on BBC1 yesterday comes In Plain Sight, with Line of Duty’s Martin Compston as Peter Manuel, a narcissistic murderer who taunted his police pursuer, William Muncie.

Muncie (Douglas Henshall, who’s played many a police officer in his career, most recently in Shetland) is a decent man who makes an unbreakable promise to a young woman after she is attacked and later humiliated in court by Manuel.

Compston is very effective as the repellent, cocky Manuel, taunting Muncie, who previously helped to put him in jail for nine years after three serious assaults on women in Scotland. He announces his presence with creepy handwritten cards delivered to Muncie’s home as his brutal behaviour escalates.


Drama set in 1955 based on the true story of Lanarkshire detective William Muncie's quest to bring killer Peter Manuel to justice. With Manuel having being released from prison after a nine-year sentence for housebreaking and sexual assaults, he attacks a young woman and keeps her with him in an open field for most of the night before returning to his home, and Muncie is convinced further crimes are certain to be committed. Douglas Henshall and Martin Compston star.

Cast & Crew

Sergeant William Muncie Douglas Henshall
Peter Manuel Martin Compston
Agnes Muncie Shauna Macdonald
Samuel Manuel Gilly Gilchrist
Det Supt Leish Michael Nardone
Bridget Manuel Joanna Roth
Jane Muncie Sorcha Groundsell
Sandra Muncie Kate McLaughlin
Iris Laird Joanne Thompson
Hugh Kirk Gavin Jon Wright
DS McLeod Jack Greenlees
Mary McLauchlan Jenny Hulse
Babs Louise McCarthy
Young Buck Tony Daniel Campbell
John Buchanan Stewart Porter
Theresa Manuel Bobby Rainsbury
Young Con Scott Fletcher
Sheriff Pirie Kern Falconer
Mr James Farrel Stuart Hepburn
Douglas Neil Pendleton
Anne Kneilands Alana McDowall
Andrew Murnin Tony McGeever
Director John Strickland
Producer Gillian McNeill
Writer Nick Stevens
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